From the start, our credo has been to recruit good people, lay out the rules, communicate, motivate and reward. We have always strived to find people who would not only understand, but also share and live our vision.


28/03/17 - Technical Manager (Shopfittings/Joinery) - Ref: TM/EN-MS/0317

Main Duties

  • Proactively lead a team of draughtsmen and manage the support service of the design office in a productive manner

28/03/17 - Draughtsman (Shopfittings/Joinery) - Ref: DM/EN-MS/0317

Main Duties

  • Produce accurate drawings using AutoCAD software and other software related and drawings

28/03/17 - Planning Engineer (Shopfittings Factory) - Ref: PE/EN-MS/0317

Main Duties

  • Plan and schedule factory production processes in line with client requirements to ensure timely delivery of products to sites