From the start, our credo has been to recruit good people, lay out the rules, communicate, motivate and reward. We have always strived to find people who would not only understand, but also share and live our vision.


07/06/17 - Sales Representative (Ref: SR/EN-MS/0617)

Main Duties

  • Conduct prospection campaigns according to the company‚Äôs sales strategy

07/06/17 - Electrical Engineer (Ref: EE/EN-MS/0617)

Main Duties

  • Provide technical support and training to maintenance and repair teams

07/06/17 - Security Guards

Main Duties

  • Apply all safety and security instructions to safeguard property, assets and personnel

07/06/17 - Contracts Manager (Ref: CM/EN-MS/0617)

Main Duties

  • Manage site operations including site establishment, manpower planning, materials procurement planning, and day-to-day running

07/06/17 - IT Manager (Ref: IM/EN-MS/0617)

Main Duties

  • Design and implement short- and long-term strategic plans to ensure infrastructure capacity meets existing and future requirements of the company